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Our Clients Have Included:

  * Raytheon - Personal Rapid Transit System on Annual Report Cover 2 Years in a row

  * Akami IPO and several .com companies in an investor relations capacity.

  * New England Environmental Expo - Promotion for 4 years -- Launched Transportation Track

  * Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - Drafted Grant Proposals and Promoted Grants 

  * Battelle Ocean Sciences (Duxbury) - Worked on 9-mile Outfall Report to Congress and others

  * RSMAS Director Christopher N.K Mooers Reports on George's Bank Drilling Impact

  * Bob Ballard - Video News Releases for Jason, Alvin, the Titanic, and Mystic Museum

  * Softbank Incubator for Software Companies - Positioned and Launched Companies including:
        Extreme Media * Software Library * Leap Frog * Innovia

  * Comprehensive Business Services - Tax Tips in Vertical Market Publications

  * Sci-Fi Channel Promos - in the beginning and for 5 years

  * EnviroBusiness - Annual Report and Project Reporting

  * Brooks Automation - Customer Satisfaction Survey design, administration, and communications

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